Photo Credit: Evan Peter

“Life is like PHOTOGRAPHY, you use the negatives to develop”

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There is so much in life to live for.  Always take a step back to capture every detail  life has to offer you.  The beauty about photography is how it can highlight the splendor around us.  A smile, a sunset, a puppy is an inspiration to create bright memories and be greatful.  Sharing the “ordinary” to its true magical form reminds us to regain a new appreciation for the world and what we have to live for. One image is able to illustrate a variety of different perspectives just by the different angles we choose to see it.  So I ask you to go out and try to do the same thing–with everything you do, make sure to see the world in a different light.  You don’t need a physical lens to capture your story.


Photo Credit: Shin Hang-Pyo

A little bit about me:
Every category that falls under ART I have a great passion for and appreciation. For years I have loved drawing, painting, and clay making. For crafts I have an obsession with origami and friendship bracelets. For music I have played the violin since I was 9 years old and enjoy singing. I have a journal where I let my thoughts take over the page, and am aware that I get too eager with so many projects, that sometimes they are left unfinished. I recently obtained my degree in Political Science and plan to attend Law School to work with sex trafficking victims and unaccompanied immigrant children. Although I must admit my secret dream job is Broadway! It is silly to say but I must confess every time I see a performance I get very emotional and tear up because it is just so beautiful to see live theater.
So Photography? As I mentioned above the reason why ART is so beautiful is because of the different perceptions we neglect to observe on a daily basis. I am a recent “WordPress” blogger as of June 2013 and transferred over my year of progress photos I recorded from my last blog engine “Jux.” All the images on my blog have been taken on my Nikon DSLR 3100. I have had it for a year and realized the importance of making a blog: to record my progress, continue learning, and hopefully for others to enjoy the images as much as I do.


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