Lovely Tulip Garden

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I love how stunning the tulips looked! Life is full beauty and we need to always remember to enjoy the little things, because then we forget to live life to our fullest potential. When we stop realizing and noticing the … Continue reading

La Mina de Sal

By far this was one of the most amazing experiences to have encountered! I did not know what to expect when you’re told you will be visiting a Salt Mine. Although this gorgeous mine is known as one the most wonderful places to visit in the world, there is no greater experience than actually realizing it with your own eyes. What makes this salt mine so spectacular is how all the workers dedicated their time and efforts to build a cathedral underground. As a strong catholic nation Colombia is known to be, it is of no surprise how remarkable the results came to be. The remodeling of the cathedral is only a couple of years old. I had the pleasure to have my cousin (tour guide of the mine) give me a tour. It truly was better with his sense of humor as guidance. Side note about me, it had been too many years since I had seen my family and my birth country.

Quick facts about this gorgeous chapel I found to be interesting. It is located 180 meters underground in Zipaquira, Colombia! The tour is constantly magical and about 2 hours so it’s definitely worth the trip. Mass is always held down there and sadly marriages are no longer provided, but at least three weddings were held. All I know is, that is unfortunate because it’s such a magical place.

The Crosses as you can see are actually all carved in with lighting in the back. When you first view the cross of the chapel from afar, it truly does fool your eye into thinking it’s a heavy hanging cross, but through closer inspection you can see it’s not.

Lastly, since it is a salt mine, beautiful artwork has been carved.

The imagination is such a beautiful thing, especially when we make it come alive